The joker and the puppet Master

I have been found guilty as charged.

all the world was a stage for me, and I used to call myself the Director. I would put in actors on stage and make them dance like a puppet.

Puppet master.

Thats what they used to call me.

Then one day, while I was sleeping, I heard a voice. It sounded as if someone was crying somewhere. I woke up with a start. I looked around and saw no one around. By then, the crying had turned into a voice. Someone was trying to speak to me.

It was coming from the wooden box in which I used to keep my sticks. I remember putting the sticks back into the box after the show. There had been a riot scene on stage. Maybe, one of the actors got trapped inside. I opened the box to look inside. There was a small boy sitting inside. He seemed to be made of wood. He was looking at me with looks of anger. As if, I had been the one who had locked him inside.

Then, he spoke.

Are you the director?

Yes...but, how do you know?...and, who ARE you. I have never seen you here..neither are you one of my actors.

Oh, my name is ___*___. I AM one of the actors. But you havn't cast me yet. I have been sitting in this box for some time now. I do not remember the hours or days I have spent in there. All this time, I have been listening to all the shows you have put up from in here, but never got to see the plays. I can recognize all the actors you have casted till now.
But, I never heard your voice. This is the first time i have heard your voice. Thats how I knew you were the director.

Oh, you are smart. I do not remember casting you though. Must be a long time back. Anyways, tell me, what do you think of my plays? i know it might be a bit strange of me to ask from someone who has never seen my plays, but you Surely have heard them. And I have never had a review from a blind spectator.

your plays are good. But they could be better. You know, while I was in there, I also used to hear the audience responces. Lately, I have heard a lot of booing. i think, people have got bored listening to the same voices over and over again. Lets do something. Why don't u introduce me to them. Lets sit there hand have a chat with the audience. Lets make them laugh for a change. Enough of drama.

Lets Put a smile on their faces.

He said with a smile.

And then, I decided to name my Last character.
I called him "The Joker"

The Bluest of nights is upon us now.

The ominous Rejoice at any given occasion, for they are celebrating the end of an era.

They are welcoming the change that has been brought upon them, the gateway being opened.

Guns and khakis all around, it makes me wonder otherwise, though, whether we really are what we think we are..

Do we really need leashes like dogs to be contained and be trained as a dog is?

I remember being called one of the best brains once..

I guess, the best is not good enough anymore.


P.S : The writer wrote this while he was low, not HIGH.


Some ask, Why do we hurt
Some say, it is called pain.

I say, its all dirt,
in love, there IS never any Gain.

You love,
you laugh,
you suffer,
you cry

But in the end, what you do not realize that while you were crying, you were trying to make the other one laugh. While you were bleeding from deep within, some one else was trying to put an end to the wounds which were still green.


Life always moves in retrospective. We live, we die, we tend to remember all of the rest, the question as one of my good friends put it is :

did you have a good life when u died...enough to base a movie on?